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Airbrush Tattoos

Meraki offers three kinds of airbrush tattoos to fit your event's needs. 

The airbrush paint that we use is a hybrid paint developed especially for body and face painting. It is alcohol based, but can be washed off with soap and water. We use this paint for the airbrush tattoos and the stencil eyes. It is waterproof and a great way for kids to enjoy the pool, bouncy houses, and hot summer days with out sweating it off. Designs will last for up to 5 days. 

The airbrush ink used for the pro airbrush realistic tattoos was designed for the body and is removed with alcohol. We use two kinds of inks: One designed for adults and one for children. These tattoos are awesome and come in a variety of designs that can be combined with other designs. Standing alone or a full sleeve makes for an impressive work of art and people will believe it's real!

Please contact us for pricing and availability here.

Air Brush Tattoos

These tattoos are perfect for parties and events that are near a pool or on a hot day. We offer over 200 designs, giving our clients plenty of choices and colors to make their designs unique and fun.

These are also great for school and corporate events as they are faster to apply than traditional face painting. 

pro airbrush realistic tattoos

These are the coolest tattoos that I offer because they look so real. Endless design and add ons from roses to skulls, dragons to bugs, koi to birds, and textured elements to bring it all together. Perfect for concerts, restaurant, bars, festivals and college activities. 

Stencil Eyes

Stencil eyes is a wonderful product that creates face paint style designs that do not rub or wash off until you want to take them off. Children, (and adults!) can swim in them and they will not wash off. Great fun at pool parties and on those hot summer days!

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